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birthday girl

hi, gooooooood morning

so i just turned 15. like now, today. another round is done. starting fresh. i could say something something like "oh i'm less girl and more woman", but hey i don't even know myself enough to tell in witch category i'm standing. all i know is that i'm am so happy. just to be.

ok so since my last birthday, a lot as happened. i've tell mostly of the bad here but i actually had an amazing year. tough, but wow. i grew, a lot. my ideas, my opinions and values. trough my mistakes and good ones. i learned what and who is worth it or not. i tasted love and saw how hard it is to get back up. it also brought me good; i learned to take my time and to embrace my youth before it's too late. we are teens only for seconds, so let's just live day by day, and trust the power of time to fix everything.

i also met people. wonderful ones and les wonderful ones. some that were sparkly, my favorite, and some that prevented the glitter of life from twinkling. but i forgive them. i'm sure they were just sad, like we all are some nights.

the shining souls are now my stars. without each other, we couldn't go very far. and this year, we traveled so much. we went to meet all the joy of a war summer twilight. and i thank them. to be part of me. of everyday's journey. even to those living too far, i miss you. i can't wait to find my way back to you. so to all of my friends, or should i say stars, do not ever change, i love you. thank you.

my family deserve a special something too, cause they're incredible.

now, what's next. what do i want to be. when i look around me, i couldn't ask for more. i am more than lucky. my bed is soft, my wardrobe is full and so is my fridge. i can got to school by the day and listen to gossip girl at night.

but this year will be about me. i'll make myself my priority. i want to take care of myself and become my own boss. i don't want to let anyone tell me i'm not enough or that i can't be or do what i want. i don't want to let your opinion lead me. i want to be the strongest and the most powerful version of me. i want to stop compare or judge myself too hard. i wanna see where i can lead to. what i can do. i wanna push the limits. i wanna live my life like i never did. take my place and be proud. i know, i'll need to work hard. but i crave the day when i'll glow at my best.

and i wanna make thing the right way. stop asking questions and just go for it. i spend so much time asking if i should or if i shouldn't. and i am tired of it. this year will be something, i feel it.

well, hey birthday girl, you're getting older, but i like what i see. can't wait to see what is waiting out there for you.

this one's for you, honey

mïa xx

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