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i'm a daydreaming believer

i now believe in miracles. in the sun after the storms. i believe in two people being happy. and i believe in peaceful breakups. if you had read this from me 5 months ago, it would have been total lies, but now, it's not.

the new me thinks different, care less, and believes more. she don't want to run after someone or something, she don't wanna spend all of her energy on useless stuff, she believes in boy-girl friendship without any confusion, she believes in love, true love. she think that were young, and there's no need to hurry. and that breakup don't have to be the end of the world.

yeah, me, i think that. cause i've seen it happen, and it's incredibly beautiful.

the new me ask herself a lot if all of this is real. this weird soft time. the good friends i've made, the nights in my memories who plays in my head at night. the musics that makes me cry cause it's making me feel happy when music used to make me sad as hell. i ask myself if it's just for awhile or if it'll be like this for years. i hope it won't change soon. i like loving life. i like to taste happiness.

cause deception taste so awful. i like smiling and meaning it, laughing and for real, or don't give a damn of what people think of the joyful mïa. to, day by day, start believing in myself, others, and the world. even though someday aren't as pink as some, and doing everything i can to make it better. missing the day at night, and the night when the night comes. to see a sky full of sweet stars as an happy thing, not as a painful reminder that he once broke me. loving sunsets, and watching water coming die on the beach. drawing colored clouds in my french books. smelling autumn vibes in the air and the orange-red leaves. having a big happy smile in my face in the morning while riding my bike with happy tears in my eyes cause the air is frozen.

giving me the feeling of being strong, a little fragile, but so ready for miss life.

i'm so ready for you. to the next one who's coming for my heart, i'm ready. no hurry. i'm better than ever. inside. i've took care of the scars. in my eyes, a million new constellations are here for you. i now understand that it's not for ever. it can, but nothing's sure. but i swear, let's have a good time while we're here. hold me tight. i believe this can be wonderful. i'm so ready. to rediscover love, as a better thing. as i know it can be. as i heard of it, as they told me it is and as they lived it. i can't wait.

the mïa i am now is there to stay. i now believe. i now that everything will be fine and that giving up isn't an option. there's nothing to worry about, kids, you are young. we are dumb. let's live for what life has to gave, for the feeling. let's enjoy for tonight, well talk about tomorrow later, it's still far.

i love life. it's almost like daydreaming. i'm such a daydreaming believer. aren't you?

mïa xx

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