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for the love of writing

the next storm i had to face was one of the most horrifying i've seen. not the kind that broke your heart, the kind who make you feel like someone had took one of your two lungs. i couldn't do a lot to fight back. the only option i had was to use my words to take back the ones that she has stolen from me.

i swear when i started writing here, i never even had the thought that someone could steal what i had wrote. in my head, it was impossible for someone to do that. worse a girl i know, from my school, who was loving my words. she did the impossible. don't ask for her name. she don'

t deserve hate but she has to understand what it feels like. to know the pain of seeing parts of my texts on her website, signed with her name and not mine. every sentences of this blog came from my guts. i worked on each one for so long to make sure that i had used te right word at the right place. i searched for synonyms, expressions, punctuations. i've read and reread until i could say proudly that it's perfect. i've spend nights, days, hours. imagine what i felt when i saw it under another name. literally, it felt like half me just got stabbed right in the heart. .

then i talked to her. at first she denided, but i had much more than her to prove that she plagiarized my words. i knew that she didn't wanted to. i felt sorry for her. sorry because she got caught and because now, a lot of people know what she did and it will follow her for long.

she swore to me that she didn't wanted to take my words and deep in mt heart, i never belived her. i knew that unconsciously, she knew exactly what she was doing while writing it and she wished so hard for me to never find this blog. i'm not jumping to conclusion, i'll never know what was going on in her mind, i'm juste sure she knew she'll have problems because of that. the moment you are reading this, that girl changed her text. she gave me back what were mine. so, that means this is behind us.

now let's clarify something. i don't care if you want to start writing too. not at all i'm even so glad for you. but writing a blog need to represent you, be unique. put your own mix of colors, play with the words. you'll see it's a thousand times better than medecine. and it's all right to have inspiration but inspiration can't become more than simply insipiration. you have to make it all your creation and make it shine your own way.

i hated writing to tell that story. i hate be angry against people. let's consider this as a warning for every young writer out there; what you write is yours and don't let anyone take what is yours. make it unique. you can do it little star. writing is an art, you are the artist. show me how you work this magic.

mïa xx

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